Image of foamcore satellite

As I started school at MIT, I was a part of a Freshman Pre-Orientation Program (FPOP) called Discover Product Design (DPD). Current students taught us about the product design process, from ideation, to sketching, to prototyping.

Throughout the week, we learned these skills individually. During the prototyping section, we made foamcore models to go into a city. Two friends and I banded together and made a satellite to fly over the rest, as shown above.

After learning skills individually, we did a full project. We brainstormed ideas that could be useful in dorm rooms, sketched out some of our favorites, and chose one to prototype. My group made a t-shirt folder, as shown below. We made a foamcore model and used lasercut acrylic for a final model.

Image of t-shirt folder

In addition to these sorts of activities, we went into Boston to explore and got the opportunity to tour various product design firms in the city.